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Curiosities, collectables, antiques and eclectic, nostalgic items

There is great joy to be found when you acquire curiosities and items of value from the past.

Though not everyone has the time, contacts or expertise to source international antiques and collectables.

Fortunately, you have The Pig Style to provide all of that and more.

The Pig Style is an online shop for discerning buyers, collectors and anyone who wishes to buy one-of-a-kind gifts.


Unique & Antique

Ornaments, Products & Crafts

The Pig Style

With every visit to our constantly updated website, you will step into a world of nostalgia and charm. An online retail site entirely made up of genuinely unique items, from across the globe. Many of which are outstanding examples of traditional crafts.

What Makes Us Special

The Pig Style Promise

What do we stock at The Pig Style?

As we are online purveyors of pieces of special and significant interest, our range tends to mainly focus on smaller things, and the sort of collector's items that can be delivered safely.

The treasures we seek out and sell include authentic antiques of significant value, with a fascinating antecedence, as well as less expensive items of considerable sentimental value.