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What do we stock at The Pig Style?

This question could have a different answer every day. We constantly seek out items of special interest, which often sell quickly.

However, the unifying factor is that our entire range could earn one or more of these descriptions:

• Antique

• Vintage

• Collectable

• Nostalgic

• Charming

• Unusual

• Rare.

As we are online purveyors of pieces of special and significant interest, our range tends to mainly focus on smaller things, and the sort of collector's items that can be delivered safely.

The treasures we seek out and sell include authentic antiques of significant value, with a fascinating antecedence, as well as less expensive items of considerable sentimental value.

Many are handmade, hand-painted and represent the very best of international craftsmanship.

Such as:

• Antique dolls house furniture

• Antique dolls and other toys

• Antique dioramas

• Miniatures and collectables

• Items of nostalgic value and childhood favourites

• Traditional Ornaments and decorative goods

• Small items of vintage furniture

• Paintings and decorative pieces – for dolls houses or full size.

We also sell unusual soft furnishings for distinctive homes, especially for homeowners who love traditional interior designs and decorative items that provide a ‘window to the past’.

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